Our comprehensive range of services starts with a thorough consultation to assess your energy requirements, budget, and site feasibility. We then develop a customized solar solution that maximizes energy efficiency, minimizes environmental impact, and ensures long-term savings.

Solar Street Light

Brighten your streets with Solar LED Street Lights that produce powerful illumination and come with easy installation with no hassles of digging, laying down cables, etc.

Solar Water Pump

Replace conventional diesel and electricity water pumps with Solar Water Pumps that can pump water from depth of up to 500m and discharge up to 500m³

Off-Grid Solar System

On-grid solar systems are solar power installations that generate electricity from sunlight using solar panels and feed the excess power back into the grid.

On-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar systems are designed to operate independently of the electricity grid. These systems generate electricity from solar panels and store it in batteries for later use.